NEW: Sleep Brochure (EN)


Does your baby often wake up at night? Has your toddler trouble falling asleep on his own?

In short, do you need help with your child’s sleeplessness? Then this brochure might be for just for you: quick to download and easy to use. This brochure offers a simple approach to help your child develop a healthy sleeping pattern.



Yes! We can finally offer you our most successful Dutch product: The sleep brochure!

Our Sleep Brochure is here to help you and your child

This brochure provides a sleep training approach and provides support at the same time. ‘Tackling Sleep Problems’ is designed in such a way that it adapts to your specific needs by taking both your and your child’s personal situation into account. How do we do that? We offer you the following:

  • Get your child to sleep in three weeks
  • Receive support to get over this sleep problem
  • Choose from two field-proven methods
  • Receive help that works!
Interested? Download this brochure instantly

Easy to use and read on your laptop, tablet or phone. Please note: We do recommend that you answer the questions and make notes. It will help you in the process!


Language: English
Original Title: ‘Slaapproblemen de Baas’, first published in Dutch in 1997.
Author: Drs. José Sagasser
Translation: Lieke Palies MA.
Pages: 47

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